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Mentor Contributions

Mentors contribute to Endeavor’s sustainability model in multiple ways throughout the Endeavor Selection process and post selection:

  • Selection Process
  • Services

Each member has different interests and commitments – there is no single best engagement profile. The below are different ways in which mentors contribute:



Second Opinion Review (SOR)

Interviews with candidates who have passed the First Opinion Review in the selection process.

SOR is at the core of the selection process. It serves the dual objectives of mentoring and evaluating the candidates.

During this process, mentors will recommend whether the candidate is fit for the Endeavor Selection process. Some mentors will also recommend another mentor whom he/ she thinks will best suit the candidate for upcoming SORs.

Local Selection Panel (LSP)

A panel composed of mentors who conduct group interviews with candidates and deliberate at the end who should advance to the International Selection Panel.

The LSP process serves the dual objectives of evaluating the candidates and providing candidates with feedback on how to improve their business model as well as how to perfect their business pitch.



Ad Hoc Mentoring

At the heart of Endeavor’s model is the world-class network built to support entrepreneurs.

Mentors provide strategic advice to selected Endeavor Entrepreneurs on industry and functional challenges either in-person or over the phone. Endeavor staff match the mentor based on skillset to best address a company’s challenge.

Endeavor is an opportunity for global business leaders to donate their expertise, rather than simply donating money, and leave a transformational impact on the trajectories of entrepreneurs.

Advisory Board Member

A group of mentors form an advisory board for an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

The purpose of the advisory board is:

  • Provide in-depth counselling and guidance on strategy, industry and specific topics of interest to help entrepreneurs grow their business efficiently.
  • Challenge direction as the entrepreneurs consider pivoting the business model and provide outside perspective to help mitigate risk.
  • Develop, refine, and review the growth strategy to link the entrepreneur needs to the menu of Endeavor services.

The advisory board usually meets with an entrepreneur on a quarterly basis.



To inspire entrepreneurs to grow and multiply their impact and advocate high-impact Entrepreneurship.

Mentors can be a source of inspiration not just through the knowledge they share but also a real-life example of giving back and multiplying impact beyond the business.

Mentors can do this by participating actively in Endeavor events, recommending potential entrepreneurs and mentors, advocating high-impact entrepreneurship through public speaking sessions (seminars, media interview, workshop, etc).

The outcome is building a mentorship culture among Endeavor Entrepreneurs and within the entrepreneurship ecosystem.