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EY Vantage Advisors spend six weeks on the ground with Endeavor Entrepreneurs, leveraging their professional knowledge as high-performing employees at EY, to work on business development and consulting projects. The Advisors help the entrepreneurs’ companies to evaluate technology solutions, improve financial reporting, initiate organisational improvement initiatives, and much more.

Is your company’s strategy driving sustainable growth in revenue and profit margins? Can you state that strategy simply and clearly? Yes, strategy is meant to be simple – not necessarily easy to formulate or execute, but simple and easily understandable by EVERYONE in the business, from the CEO to the intern. If you answered “no” to any of the questions above or are a bit unsure of your answer, have a look at these 3 steps to developing a simple, clear strategy that sustainably drives growth in your bottom line:

John Seymour is a seasoned mentor of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. He has mentored an assortment of entrepreneurs from various business backgrounds during his time with Endeavor South Africa. Six years later, and John is still enthusiastic about his role as a mentor to some of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs this country has to offer.

Why being emotionally capable is so important as a leader

I recently facilitated a Leadership Development Programme for business owners and was surprised to hear one of the delegates (a woman, herself) comment on how glad she was that most people in her team are men, as men are less emotional than women when it comes to business. A stereotypical comment, this is a view that women have been striving to overthrow for decades, in their efforts to be treated as equals in the workplace.

While the education space is typically made up of females, corporate education spans into industries that are usually male dominated. Mining, finance, engineering – all are verticals dominated by men. As a woman, I’ve discovered that the perception I have of myself directs how I am treated. People, generally, respond to confidence.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 09:07

Bon Voyage, Cara!

Cara Eachus recently joined the Endeavor Cape Town team in 2015 where she worked alongside Deanne Friis-Smith. She received a BBA in Business Management and English through Unisa and a post-graduate qualification in Education. Before joining the team, Cara worked as a teacher, ran her own successful education-related businesses. An entrepreneur in her own right, Cara was the perfect fit for Endeavor.

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