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Monday, 04 December 2017 13:39

The Training Room Online Partners with the Department of Basic Education to deliver innovative digital learning platform to public school sector

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) in South Africa has partnered with The Training Room Online (TTRO), an Endeavor South Africa company led by CEO, Kirsty Chadwick. The partnership birthed the DBE Cloud, a true private public partnership. The project assists the roll out of digital learning into the public-school sector of South Africa.

TTRO signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Department of Basic Education this year. The agreement sees them managing the learning platform, and aggregating quality Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) aligned digital content into the platform, from multiple content partners. The project combines many great initiatives, lessons learnt and best practices into one constantly evolving ecosystem, which drives true systemic change in South African education.                                

According to Chadwick; “There are four key roles of the DBE Cloud platform – namely: Learner, Teacher, Parent and School Administrator. The reporting of the platform rolls up from the individual learner profile; teacher/class profile; school; district; provincial through to the national DBE,” that makes this platform accessible to all valuable stakeholders typically involved in a learner’s education.

While the platform gives learners access to five major components such as; access to a vast range of rich learning material, the option to view schedules and calendars, the ability to collaborate with their peers, the benefit of access to helpful resources and the mandate to have fun while learning. It also ensures the teacher has their own space to manage their learners’ development as well as their own professional and personal development. This solution thus has a comprehensive focus on learning – both from the child’s and adult’s perspective.

The DBE is so diverse in its offering that it also includes a Parent Portal which gives the parent access to their child’s learning material, the ability to track their child’s progress, the opportunity to communicate with the teacher, a view of their child’s schedule and calendar, to print all compulsory learning material the teacher loads and the chance to complete courses aimed at adult-learning.

As the use of technology increases in daily life, so too, did the need to synergise the use of technology in education. Hence the rise of the EdTech sector in the last decade – more specifically the digital education sector. Digital education products provide content from a clear mandatory model with a sequential curriculum and rich, colourful graphic design which ensures there is a balance between the interactivity, animation and conventional self-study content.

TTRO has taken an innovative approach to the solution with a cause-based collaboration achieved by aligning organisations and their key value propositions to this initiative of the DBE Cloud which truly leverages public private partnerships to unlock exponential value.

When asked if South Africa is ready to embrace a ‘digital disruption in education’, Kirsty, CEO of The Training Room Online, had this to say: “There is a lot of work being done in many areas enabling the readiness for digital disruption in the education sector, along with a greater willingness to embrace it. The acceptance that the future of learning will be enhanced through leveraging the enablement that technology can provide is definitely increasing.”

South Africa is ready to embrace a digital disruption. From the rise of the Silicon Cape to the ever- expanding innovatively disruptive tech sector in Gauteng. Classrooms of the near future will include apps, websites, augmented reality and artificial intelligence able to address every educational challenge our country may face. With the continued support of corporate South Africa, the youth can experience the changing face of education in South Africa and can ensure they continue to innovate for the benefit of future generations of leaders and impact-makers.

A final word from Kirsty; “There is a definite ‘call to action’ from the Department supported by TTRO to have Corporate South Africa get behind the DBE Cloud initiative and fund the digitisation of content for subject areas that don’t have digital content, to fund deployment and implementation into specific schools across South Africa, and to be part of this national initiative to help drive its success.”

The initial DBE Cloud pilot has concluded, however UAT testing is in full swing until the end of 2017. Implementation of this exciting project starts in January 2018, so if you would like to get involved, contact TTRO.

The DBE Cloud development forms part of a larger vision which ultimately aims to develop the skilled citizen of the future. Using technology and caused based collaboration as the drivers, the DBE, in partnership with TTRO aims to drive systemic changes in education, by providing world class learning for free to its learners and teachers, thereby creating skilled citizens of the future that can complete locally and globally and is so doing, mobilise socio-economic reform.

For more information on how you can get involved with this initiative, please contact TTRO CEO, Kirsty Chadwick - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – 072-190 9668, or Jeanine Briggs - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.