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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 11:19

Is there room in the C-Suite?

For me, marketing has always been about the total customer experience and the total value proposition that exists between communities, users, customers and the organisations themselves.

If marketing is under pressure, it’s because it too narrowly defined its own purpose in the world. If you go back to basics, it’s not about data, it’s not about any of these new-fangled terms; it’s still about the same thing and that is who your user is, how you are creating value for them, how they are finding ways to connect with the organisation.

So, yes, we were lucky as marketers because we could use advertising exclusively, and then did we get lazy? Did we forget that we properly need to measure returnable investment and that a lot of the models that underpin advertising and effectiveness are no longer valid?

So, if your CIO is eating your data for breakfast, then you only have yourself to blame because true strategy has always been driven by measurement, both quantitative and qualitative measures.

I don’t think there’s a new C-suite member; I think the answer is a marketer who’s gone back to their original purpose of what marketing is actually about, not simply communications and one-way communication. In many organisations, marketing departments have become marketing service departments; they misunderstand the nature of the word “strategy”, which is a long, clear process that ultimately drives values.

Go back to the four basic Ps: what are they doing about price, place and product? They’ve not run towards those holistic offerings but have just been focusing on the promotion element, and that is a marketing services business.

Glenn Gills

Glenn Gillis is CEO of Sea Monster, which specialises in 2D animation and the development of engaging games for work or play. Glenn’s passion and experience lie in the creative industries; in serious gaming, and animation; and in the building of international knowledge-intensive businesses.