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Monday, 11 September 2017 13:35

Endeavor Consultant Spotlight: Julia Price, Co-founder of Linea Capital

Julia Price recently joined the Endeavor South Africa team as a consultant. Her skills in the banking sector has helped her climb the corporate ladder. Julia, in 2016, along with three other entrepreneurs, founded their own company called Linea Capital Partners.

About Julia |

1. Could you give us some personal background? (Where you grew up, single/married, children, hobbies, education etc.)

I am originally from Jo’burg but studied in Cape Town, so have my heart in both cities! I was classically trained in music from an early age, and now play for fun when I’m on my own at home. I enjoy trail running and cycling and have done a few triathlons in my past – mostly I enjoy being outdoors and finding my way around new cities in my running shoes. I am fascinated equally by new technology and old philosophy. I read a lot, listen to LPs, love finding new coffee spots and geek-out on personality tests. I am married to a wonderful man and we love building businesses, adventuring, driving vintage cars and drinking great coffee and wine together.

2. What motivates you/ what is your personal philosophy?

I am driven by creating new things, connecting people and ideas and helping to build exciting ventures that make a difference in South Africa. My personal philosophy is that the time we have is finite and precious and the most important thing we can do is to contribute bravely and generously to the lives of others. I prefer experiences over ownership, so live with as little “stuff” as possible, surrounded by beauty, people and creative experiences.

Career |

3. Please share some background on your career leading up to Endeavor.

I am a Chartered Accountant by training and after finishing my articles and CFA exams at KPMG I spent a year studying music, theology and philosophy in Sydney, Australia. When I came back to SA I joined the RMB Class Of Program and spent 5 years as an investment banker, followed by 18 months as Executive Assistant to Michael Jordaan at FNB and 2 years building alternative investment funds at Ashburton. When I received my acceptance letter to Stanford Business School in Silicon Valley I left the world of banking and spent a few months studying Tech Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Clean Tech and Californian wines at Stanford before coming home to build a company around a new, mezzanine funding model for entrepreneurs. That company is called Linea Capital Partners and I continue to build it with two partners today. I also consult in my free time and facilitate leadership development workshops for women in corporate workspaces.

Endeavor Experience |

4. Why did you choose to help out at Endeavor?

I have always watched Endeavor from afar with interest and have been inspired by the work it does in entrepreneurship, particularly with its unique links to global entrepreneurs and mentors. Having come from an investment banking background, I wanted to peak into the world of entrepreneurship through the lens of an organisation like Endeavor to learn and stretch personally and as a future investor.

5. What did you focus on during your time at Endeavor?

I focused on capital raising activities, helped on proposals for partnerships with strategically aligned organisations and helped Catherine with designs for packaging the core competencies of the team.

6. What have you learnt while here?

I’ve learnt so much, particularly around the complexities of running an organisation like Endeavor and the amount of skill and experience within the Endeavor world.

7. Would you recommend a career at Endeavor and why?

The Endeavor team is full of rock stars and I would recommend the experience of working with world class talent in promoting entrepreneurship any day. I believe that this is one of the best ways to experience building a strategic business, creating meaningful partnerships and helping entrepreneurs to access the right skills, markets and funding to drive their success.

Future |

8. What is next?

I will continue to build Linea Capital and hope that in time to come we can partner with Endeavor to build great entrepreneurial businesses together!