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Endeavor Insight, supported by Omidyar Network, released a report studying high-impact entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. Using data from the World Bank Enterprise Survey, Endeavor Insight looked at more than 4,200 companies and found that in a number of Southeast Asian countries, scaleups are creating the majority of new jobs. The report also revealed that scaleups – companies growing at more than 20% per year over the past three years – represent only 14% of total companies but created 77% of net new jobs.

To understand the dynamics that allow these companies to create jobs and value for their economies, Endeavor Insight also interviewed ten of the top Southeast Asian entrepreneurs both in and outside of the Endeavor network. Coming from companies as diverse as a Filipino cut flower business to an Indonesian payments firm, these entrepreneurs share a common drive to succeed and passion for their business and product offerings. The interviews also revealed a number of recurring challenges among the region’s scaleups, including issues of talent sourcing and access to customers and markets.

[Read the full report, including deatiled case studies of each entrepreneur interviewed, by clicking here]  

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Bogotá’s tech entrepreneurs have built over 100 companies and created thousands of jobs over the past two decades, according to a recent study by Endeavor Insight. With the support of Endeavor Colombia and the Omidyar Network, the research team interviewed over 200 tech entrepreneurs from more than 230 Bogotá tech companies and found that through inspiring, mentoring, and investing in one another, Bogotá’s tech entrepreneurs have underpinned the sector’s recent success. This study builds on Insight’s work identifying how entrepreneurship ecosystems develop and the central role entrepreneurs play in supporting one another and multiplying their collective impact.

Click here to read coverage of the research in Colombia’s El Espectador and find the full report, including details on all of the key findings and a full visual map of Bogotá’s tech sector

Published in Endeavor SA Blog

With over $611 million committed to for-profit and non-profit companies to foster economic advancement and entrepreneurship by Omidyar Network, Chief Executive Officer of the organisation and Endeavor board member, Malik Fal Omidyar, spoke to Crusoe Osagie at a forum in Lagos, and explained how entrepreneurship can be deployed to transform Africa.
[Read the full interview here]

Published in 2013