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Trevor Wolfe
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It takes two months for advertising agencies to deliver feedback on marketing campaigns because the traditional process depends on product testing, surveys and focus groups. By contrast, delvv.io, a digital qualitative feedback platform, allows South African brands to get feedback on their creative ideas and advertising campaigns from an online community of international marketing professionals in one week. The accelerated time frame cuts project management hours by 40%, helping businesses from startups to multinationals to crowdsource feedback to inform the creative process rather than delay it. 

delvv.io’s two-sided platform connects South African companies to advertising, creative and marketing professionals around the globe who provide quick and affordable feedback on creative ideas and advertising campaigns. Companies propose projects to a crowd of vetted creatives who deliver market trends and Sense Checks which include feedback on anything from campaign concepts and websites to advertisements and mobile applications. Its remaining revenue is derived from ad hoc requests. In turn, delvv.io’s creatives, which include copywriters, graphic designers, brand strategists, social media specialists, and ad agency specialists, work on premium brands, grow their expertise in niche disciplines. After a week, the platform automatically consolidates the feedback from 30 creatives into a report, which delvv.io formats and delivers to each client. 

At 200% below the industry average, delvv.io saves money and time for all brands, especially those without million dollar marketing budgets. Unlike traditional market research firms, delvv.io’s proprietary technology ensures that companies are paired with creatives that have the deepest connection to a particular market, product category, user base or demographic. delvv.io has given South African based companies the confidence to test and enter new markets, but servicing brands in other nations will be challenging. 

Mission: To provide quicker market research to transform how feedback informs the advertising industry.