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Bandile Dlabantu

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Bandile Dlabantu
Khepri Biosciences
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Khepri Biosciences is a Biotechnology Company based in Gauteng that uses entomology and biotechnology to solve problems in the agriculture, health and research sector. The company combines principles and technologies from a multitude of spheres including industrial entomology, engineering, agriculture and biotechnology. By merging such diverse yet specialized expertise, together with fresh entrepreneurial ideas and commercial creativity, we strive to solve various problems in the agricultural, health and research sectors in an economically viable way. The company operates in the animal waste sector where it develops animal feed from fly larvae, using biowaste from abattoirs and poultry farms as a feed source. The company has developed unique technology for the onsite processing of organic waste produced by food manufacturers, abattoirs, and the hospitality sector which allows for the reduction of waste volumes by up to 90% and a decrease in waste management costs for the producer. This waste is used to rear insects which are then converted into low-cost high-quality animal feed. The company is currently in the final stages of their pilot phase and will be fully commercialized by September 2016.


Bandile Dlabantu is the founder and managing director of Khepri Biosciences. In 2013 after nearly ten years work experiences in the technology and innovation field (IT, Health and Science), and three years management experience in the private health sector, he started Khepri Innovations Pty. Bandile holds a Masters in Management (Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation) – Wits, and a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology & Entomology) – Rhodes University. In 2013 Bandile was a 2nd Prize winner Gauteng Accelerator Project Green Technology (GAP) Green, he won the Maxum Fastest Moving Entrepreneur in the Biotechnology Sector Award and was a  Finalist in the Makers of More: Your Idea, Your Community, Your Action challenge.


Khepri started after a discussion with an abattoir owner in 2013 where the owner expressed a need for a solution for his waste problems and Bandile took this as a challenge. Using his knowledge as a microbiologist and entomologist Bandile test reared a batch of flies on the waste.