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Dr. Alen Ribic and Dr. Aisha Pandor

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Dr. Alen Ribic and Dr. Aisha Pandor
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SweepSouth is South Africa’s first online platform for booking, managing and paying for home cleaning as it suits you. The platform provides the user easy and convenient access to home cleaning at the tap of a button. Users can access the platform from their laptop, phone or tablet to get fast, convenient and reliable cleaners providing dignified work at decent rates.

The aim of SweepSouth is to bring much needed positive change to the unstructured domestic cleaning market in South Africa. SweepSouth is revolutionising the home service industry by being the first company to provide full end-to-end booking, management and payment for a last-minute and hassle-free home cleaning service.

This innovative idea was born from Aisha’s frustration with the lack of progress and the inability to apply innovation to solve problems in her professional experiences. Alen is a Computer Science fundi that has been actively involved in changing the government policies on South Africa’s IT curriculum. Armed with the knowledge that the domestic cleaning market in South Africa is fragmented, unsafe and inefficient, SweepSouth created a solution from which all parties benefit. Their innovative digital solution provides access to work through technology to domestic workers which encourages the use of technology such as cellphones to earn an income. In doing so, they involve those underserved by technology in the forefront of technology. Unlike previous methods, their solution is timeous, efficient, customizable, safe and reliable.