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Graham Rowe and Richard Johnson

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Graham Rowe and Richard Johnson
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Mass-scale chronic diseases like diabetes rely on face-to-face, generalist doctor care – with the average doctor consultation lasting seven minutes. Left to manage the disease on their own, only 6% of diabetes patients globally obtain the health outcomes possible with modern drugs and protocols, leading to unnecessary complications and 500% higher healthcare costs that healthy patients. Sancreed links people with chronic diseases (currently diabetes) to a dedicated, clinically-accredited expert coach, through its multi-sided, data-driven platform, ‘Guidepost’. On average, the company’s patients experience a 45% reduction in their frequency of hospitalisation and a 2.5% drop in A1C (measure of diabetes control) within six months of using Guidepost. Looking to take its unique solution global, Sancreed hopes to impact 200,000 patients across six countries by 2020.

Sancreed’s proprietary platform – Guidepost – provides a comprehensive clinical risk management service that consists of (1) coaching, to improve medium and long-term patient health, (2) an emergency hotline to deal with immediate crises, and (3) analytics to prioritize high-risk patients and predict clinical risk and cost. Additionally the platform allows part-time and full-time coaches to earn an income by providing standardised and quality-assured disease self-management education and support from wherever they live to patients worldwide. Sancreed’s proprietary technology, exceptional clinical results, database of ~500,000 health data points, and high patient satisfaction (NPS 74) have made the company the leader in diabetes management in South Africa.