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Nadir & Shaazim Khamissa

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Nadir & Shaazim Khamissa
Hello Group
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Brothers Nadir and Shaazim Khamissa identified a market of migrant workers in South Africa having to pay high prices to phone home. Using technology built entirely by Shaazim, they established Hello Group to provide low-cost solutions to the problems faced by migrant and marginalised communities. The company has since developed products that reduce the cost of international phone calls by more than 90%.

Addressing another major challenge, the group started Hello Paisa, a mobile solution that allows you to send low-value international remittances from your cellphone. The cost of remitting funds from SA was expensive and inefficient, often taking days to complete and with limited legal substitutes. Hello Paisa thus offers a safe, easy-to-use system through accessible channel partners. Users register and provide the details of their chosen recipient, then through the mobile app, call centre or a strategic partner (Checkers, Pick n Pay, etc.), they make a request to send cash.

The cost of cross-border money transfer has become materially cheaper, simpler and faster, with a 93% reuse by registered clients to date. Hello Paisa has seen 78,000 customers sign up, and settled 123,000 transactions remitted to over 16 countries within the 8 months since launching in March 2015. This impressive growth is the result of Nadir and Shaazim’s drive to change lives through financial inclusion, as well as an innovative product that meets the demand of the communities it serves.