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Luvuyo Rani & Lonwabo Rani

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Luvuyo Rani & Lonwabo Rani
Silulo Ulutho Technologies
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Revenue Increase 2011 - 2012
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Company Snapshot
When Luvuyo and Lonwabo Rani, opened an Internet café in Khayelitsha in 2004, people said they were crazy. 

Two years later customers were queuing up to make use of their services, and their business, Silulo Ulutho ("bringing value" in Xhosa) was expanding rapidly. Silulo is an all-in-one provider of IT related products and services, including computer training course, business services, website development, computer and accessory retail sales as well as repair and maintenance services. 

They have also expanded their offering to include selling mobile phones. Silulo Ulutho Technologies vision and driving force are three basic concepts: technology, knowledge and empowerment. Technology enables communication and collaboration across barriers; knowledge is the result of the drive to learn and the need to exceed limitations; and empowerment is creating opportunities for oneself to exceed expectations and optimise potential. Entrepreneur quote: “Without Endeavor I don’t think we would be where we are now; they have added so much value to our business. They’ve helped us transform from a little spaza shop to an established national company”. 

Luvuyo Rani CEO, Silulo Technology Endeavor and Company Endevor has assisted Silulo in establishing the advisory board which brings a lot of value to the company and has contributed to the growth of the business. 

With the support and guidance of Endeavor and the Endeavor network, Silulo has managed to refine their strategic objectives.