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Dov Girnun

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Dov Girnun
Merchant Capital
Financial Services
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Funding your business from your future. Merchant Capital, established in 2012, is an alternative funding provider, addressing cash flow and working capital restrictions of retail SME business owners. Merchant Capital provides an alternative with unique re-payment models to provide tailor-made working capital cash injections to growing businesses. It provides flexible payment terms, charges no interest or additional charges and payments are aligned with the performance of the client’s business.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially in the early days, often don’t meet the criteria for a traditional loan for growth capital. The opportunity to fill this funding gap is significant, and largely untapped at present. Merchant Capital therefore decided to address this challenge by providing qualifying merchants with an upfront lump sum in the form of a cash advance, in exchange for a small fixed percentage of future turnover. South Africa has an estimated 2.8m SMEs (1 million formally registered), contributing 52%-57% of Gross Domestic Product and providing about 60% of the country’s jobs, according to the National Treasury.

Through my participation thus far, I have met some truly inspiring business leaders who looked at my business through a microscope and asked tough questions about all facets of the company.”