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Dennis Marketos and Paul Marketos

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Dennis Marketos and Paul Marketos
Metrix Software Solutions
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Triple bottom line reporting is becoming the top priority for CEO’s of the world’s biggest multinationals. Metrix Software Solutions gives these CEO’s the correct tools to evaluate not only their companies Income Statements and Balance Sheets, but also to see live reporting on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). Utilising the latest .Net technology Metrix has developed a Management System that replaces the existing GRC reports, which no-one ever looked at, with a fully customisable living reporting system. 

MD Paul de Kock completed his first degree in Cell and Environmental Biology in 1987 and started a career at Eskom. In 1995 along, with two engineering partners, he started Metago Environmental Engineers – a market-leading environmental consulting company. At Metago Paul produced the first version of his environmental management system. In 2002 he teamed up with Dennis and Paul Marketos to further develop the IT underpinnings of the reporting tool for his environmental management system. Dennis and Paul come from a chartered accounting and computer science background respectively, and have had experience in setting up and building IT startups in South Africa. The brothers had established a branch of Asyst International in South Africa and built a Blue Key solution which is the premier SAP Business One partner locally. Recognising the commercial potential of the product they would later call IsoMetrix, Metago and Asyst, they undertook a joint venture in 2003, naming it Metrix Software Solutions.

The Metrix software is built on .Net which means that it is very flexible, allowing companies to fully customise their GRC reporting systems on an Agile Application Framework. This means that customers can create their own bespoke solution, without Metrix changing the underlying source code, which simultaneously allows Metrix to scale quickly to new clients. Metrix is the only software company in the GRC space that currently offers this degree of flexibility. 

Metrix has developed world-beating intellectual property and software in the field of GRC compliance with a niche focus. Currently, there are no clear market leaders and Metrix believe that they can become the global market leaders. Metrix software system is already being deployed in Kenya and Botswana and the company has opened an office in Australia and has established dealer partnerships in the UK and Chile.