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David Evans & Grant Rushmere

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David Evans & Grant Rushmere
BOS Ice Tea
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Why should consumers have to forego fun to make a healthy choice? BOS Brands, a beverage business based in South Africa, offers consumers stylish, premium drinks that taste great without compromising on health. By harnessing locally produced rooibos as the main ingredient in its two main beverage lines, BOS Ice Tea and BOS Sport, all products are high in health benefits and environmentally sustainable.

David (Dave) Evans (36), CEO, and Grant Rushmere (42), co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, are the perfect team to build a brand. After working as a consultant at Bain & Company and receiving his MBA from INSEAD, Dave returned home to join South African Breweries (SAB) in 2005. Learning the ins and outs of a beverage business, Dave worked his way up to District Manager of South Africa’s Eastern province. Leaving SAB to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit, Dave bought an artisanal bakery, Vovo Telo, and grew it into a national chain that partnered with Famous Brands, a listed franchise group, in 2010. Complementing Dave’s business acumen in the beverage industry, Grant is the visionary behind BOS’s brand.

After graduating from the University of Cape Town and moving to Europe for ten years, Grant gave in to his inner-entrepreneur and returned to South Africa to found Afro Coffee in 2004. Highly successful, Afro Coffee was approached for a joint venture by Red Bull, which eventually acquired it in 2007. During this time, Grant worked with the Red Bull team, learning how to build, grow, and market a global beverage brand. Frustrated by his lack of control over the company after the acquisition, Grant left Afro Coffee to start a new venture. Fortuitously, he met Richard Bowsher, a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who owned a rooibos farm. Grant and Richard discussed the gap in the South African market for a healthy drink, like water or tea that is also trendy, like Red Bull. They decided to partner to create a solution. The pair spent the next few years developing the company before launching BOS in June 2010.

BOS Brands offers consumers beverages that are healthy while still being delicious and fun. Through its ice tea and sports drink lines, BOS Brands attracts trendy, health-conscious young professionals. With rooibos as the main ingredient for both lines, the company’s products are rich in anti-oxidants, electrolytes, anti-inflammatory properties, and essential minerals, and contain no caffeine, colorants, or preservatives. The company sources its organic rooibos for both product lines from a private nature reserve that is committed to producing rooibos ethically, naturally, and in an environmentally sustainable and socially mindful manner.