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Crispin Russell, Paul O’Linn

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Crispin Russell, Paul O’Linn
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ArcAqua has developed groundbreaking technology that harnesses naturally-occuring ozone and distributes it using a fine mist of water to sanitize produce in a highly effective and environmentally friendly way. The company’s solution kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, saves water, and reduces overall waste.

Though the benefits of ozone as a sanitizer are well-documented, existing systems fail to reliably disburse it uniformly over the contact surface with the correct dosage. ArcAqua has an international patent on its cutting edge technology, which features a nozzle that controls the exact amount of water and ozone that is distributed, killing bacteria three times more effectively and three thousand times faster than chlorine, today’s most commonly used sanitizer.

ArcAqua’s technology was initially developed as a restaurant system, and the company sold to retail players for its first three years. But when it saw how effectively the solution was killing bacteria and sanitizing all produce, Crispin and Paul realized they could move up the production chain to target bigger fruit packaging and processing companies, so they pivoted ArcAqua from a commercial to industrial sales model in 2014. With the pivot, the company started gaining traction.

Its first sales came in late 2015 to a citrus pack house in the Cape Town area, but its big breakthough came in 2016, when the Citrus Research Institute (CRI), the research arm of South Africa’s Citrus Growers Assocation, endorsed ArcAqua after a one-year evaluation at their laboratories. After a country-wide roadshow with CRI, larger players like Goede Hoop signed on, and ArcAqua was able to capture nearly a quarter of the South African market in only a year.

ArcAqua aims to meet the growing global demand for green tech solutions by delivering an effective, affordable and chemical-free sanitisation alternative; and so deliver on a greener future.