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DJ Kumbula and Zakhe Khuzwayo

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DJ Kumbula and Zakhe Khuzwayo
IT Leasing
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Why buy the technology your company needs for its day-to-day operations when you can lease it instead? Leasing gives you the opportunity to preserve your cash flow and use it to invest in your core business activities. With leasing, you can gain access to the latest and greatest technology and still maintain regular refresh cycles. Providing specialised IT leasing solutions to SMEs and their enterprise counterparts was the dream that partners DJ Kumbula and Zakhe Khuzwayo had when they started InnoVent Rental and Asset Management Solutions almost 15 years ago in 2003. Both had qualified as Chartered Accountants after completing their articles at PwC in Johannesburg and joined the staff of RentWorks, a rental and asset-management company in South Africa. While there, DJ and Zakhe quickly realised two things: they could come up with an offering that was more cost effective for their clients; and they could find a profitable use for the perfectly good equipment that was being discarded by most companies in the industry through Qrent, their refurbished rental division.


DJ and Zakhe put their heads together and came up with a solution that could see companies cut down on their IT spend by up to 40% if they either implemented the InnoVent leasing model, Qrent’s refurbished rental model or, a combination of both.


The two entrepreneurs didn’t end there, they took it further and created a holistic solution with unique value-added services that would see these assets through the entire asset life cycle from inception, asset management during the leasing period, to the asset refresh or disposal stage.


InnoVent is now well positioned in the market to offer innovative solutions to finance and manage a spectrum of standard and specialised equipment.