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Since its inception in 2004, Endeavor South Africa has partnered with leading global and local organisations that share our vision for high-impact entrepreneurship, sustainability and ground-breaking thought leadership. To learn more about partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.


Our supporters

Endeavor’s work of selecting, supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs is made possible by the massive generosity of our supporters, Mentors and the willingness of our Endeavor Entrepreneurs to give back.




Discovery Logo 200x200   Adrian Gore (Chairman) - Discovery Holdings
Founder Collective Logo 200x200   David Frankel - Founder Collective
Spinnaker Logo 170x170   Hlumelo Biko - Spinnaker Growth Partners
MMI Holdings Logo 200x200   Innocent Dutiro - MMI Holdings Limited (MMI)
RMB-holdings-logo 200x200   Paul Harris - RMB Holdings
EY Logo 200x200   Ajen Sita - EY South Africa
RMB-holdings-logo 200x200   Herman Bosman - RMB Investment Holdings
Taste Holdings Logo 200x200   Carlo Gonzago - Taste Holdings
Outsurance-logo 200x200   Willem Roos - Outsurance
Discovery Logo 200x200   Barry Swartzberg - Discovery
Hollard-logo 200x200   Nic Kohler - Hollard Insurance
FNB Logo 200x200   Michael Vacy-Lyle - FNB


Global partners


Bain Logo 200x200   Bain & Company
Citi Logo 200x200   Citi Group
Dell Logo 200x200   Dell
Duke University Logo 200x200   Duke University
EY Logo 200x200   EY
SAP 200x200   SAP


Local contributors


Bay Moon Communications Logo   Bay Moon Communications
BrandsEye Logo   BrandsEye
Deloitte Logo 200x200   Deloitte
DUO Marketing + Communications   DUO Marketing + Communications
Everlytic logo 200x200   Everlytic
Grow   Grow
Hogan Lovells Logo 200x200   Hogan Lovells 
Infomineo   Infomineo
Korbitec Logo 200x200   Korbitec
Lexmark Logo 200x200   Lexmark
McKinsey  Company Logo 200x200   McKinsey & Company
Oppenheimer-and-sons-logo 200x200   Oppenheimer & Sons
SAB Logo 200x200   SAB
SAB Foundation Logo 200x200   SAB Foundation
Tradecorp Logo 200x200   TradeCorp
TVE Logo 200x200   Transvaal Electric Motors
Tshikululu Logo 200x200   Tshikululu
Ustart Logo 200x200   U-Start



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